An Odd list of 70 Tools and Platforms for Online Marketers and Web entrepreneurs

The iMarketing Cafe Team
Published on September 28, 2015

This is not a typical tools list that you normally find on the web – it’s an odd list which has some interesting tools that may not only enable you to improve your productivity but also help you to gain new ideas.

1. Tineye – A tool to perform reverse image search. Finds duplicate and modified copies of your images on the web.

2. Topsy – It can be called the social engine. A tool used to analyse the social media trends or popularity of a brand, person, happenings etc.

3. Buzzstream – A CRM tool that helps marketers to build relationships. It helps in content marketing, PR and link building.


4. Followerwonk – The ultimate Twitter analytics tool. It was recently acquired by Moz.

5. Pickydomains – a platform where you can get slogans, names and domain name suggestions. You can also suggest domain names, names, slogan to clients and earn money.

6. Marketing Grader – A product of hubspot. This tool generates report on your marketing performance.

7. Bplans – this platform provides business planning resources and business plan samples.

8. OnlineLetterHead – Online Letterhead generator

9. Welovewp – Gallery of wordpress themes and blog designs

10. Mavrck – a tool/platform to reach out to the micro-influencers on social media

11. Social mention – A tool for real-time social media search and analysis. You can call it the social media search engine.

12. SEO Browser – It shows how the search engines see your website.

13. Planet Soho – a platform/tool kit that helps you manage billing, invoicing, payments and more.

14. Freefileconvert – A tool that helps you to convert your files into different formats. .

15. Asana – A project management tool

16. Kissmetrics – customer intelligence and web analytics tool

17. Tweriod – A tool that helps you to know when your twitter followers are active

18. Helpareporter – a platform where you can get your news-worthy story noticed by journalists and publishers.

19. Curalate – Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr marketing and analytics tool.

20. Contently – a platform that provides content marketing resources and helps you to reach out to content creators.

21. Viraltag – a marketing platform for visual content.

22. Myblogguest – a platform that connects guest bloggers and blog owners

23. Landable – A tool that helps you create professional facebook fan pages and web & mobile landing pages.

24. Medium – a content sharing and discussion platform.

25. Localtweeps – A tool to find hyperlocal Twitter friends and followers.

26. Geositemapgenerator – as the name suggests it helps you generate geo site map and kml (key hole markup language) files.

27. – Twitter and Facebook community manager.

28. Sitemapdoc – serp ( Search engine results page) rank checker

29. Jumplead – Online marketing automation and small business CRM

30. Mozcast – The Google algorithm weather report. It tracks and shows serp volatility.

31. Grainbox – A tool to manage multiple social social media accounts

32. Peopleperhour – a great platform for freelancers

33. Regus – want virtual address or office? Get one here.

34. Viadeo – an alternative to LinkedIn. A platform for professional networking.

35. Removeem – hit by penguin or manual penalty? Link removal made easy. This tool helps you to remove toxic links to your site.

36. Screaming frog – site crawling tool. It helps you find errors, redirects, block urls, external links and more.

37. Google page speed – It helps you check the speed of your site’s pages and also shows the speed related issues that need to be fixed.

38. Pingdom – lets you know the load time of any web page, analyzes and shows the bottlenecks.

39. W3c markup validation – checks the markup validity of web pages in HTML, SMIL, XHTML, MathML and more.

40. Link Checker – looks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects in a webpage.

41. Sucuri Site check – checks your site for malware infection, blaclisting status, website errors and out-of-date software.

42. Ahrefs – Backlinks ( links pointing a website) analysis tool

43. TrafficTravis – an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) management tool

44. Emailspamtest – checks and lets you know the spam probability of your email.

45. Mixpanel – in simple terms, it’s an app analytics tool

46. Adroll – an ad retargeting and performance management platform

47. Survey Monkey – helps you to conduct an online survey.

48. Referral Network – world’s largest referral network.

49. Wingify – A/B testing tool. Helps you to improve conversion and user experience of your website or app.

50. SEM Rush – A tool for competitive analysis

51. Ubersuggest – a keyword research/suggestion tool

52. consumerbarometer – a tool to analyze and understand online user behavior across the word.

53. Flang Dejan Tool – A Hreflang sitemap testing tool

54. Wordreference – Online dictionary and translator.

55. Isearch from – helps you to stimulate Google search from a difference location and device.

56. Rapportive – shows all details about your gmails and linkedin contacts inside your inbox.

57. Boomerang – tool helps you to send scheduled emails and also set email remainders.

58. Crazyegg – heatmap generator, helps you to analyze on-site user behavior

59. Sparkol – animation video creation tool.

60. Neurs – an entrepreneurs network.

61. Sendgrid – an email marketing platform.

62. Buzzsumo – helps you to find the most shared content and key influencers in any particular niche or segment.

63. Hashtagify – helps you to search and find the best hastags that will enable you to widen your reach on Twitter.

64. Majestic Neighbourhood checker – Helps to check if a site’s links are coming from the same server or server farm. It helps you to identify bad neighbourhood.

65. Internet Archive – lets you know the age of a website.

66. Whoishostingthis – helps you to find the hosting details of a website.

67. Browsershots – checks the cross-browser compatibility of your website

68. Cachedpages – helps you to get the catched page of any url.

69. Wappalyzer – it shows the technologies used on a website – CMS, ecommerce platforms, web servers, javascript frameworks and more.

70. Dudamobile – helps you create mobile or responsive websites in minutes.

List compiled by: The iMarketing Cafe Team


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