Kanika Gautam

Kanika Gautam

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Kanika is an ardent writer and a blogger who writes about positive parenting, workplace trends, startups, team skills, increasing productivity, improving life, attaining goals and growing the happiness ratio of your life.

She is also a technologist, bibliophile, speaker, educator and online entrepreneur.

A writer by day and a reader by night - her friends describe her as a nocturnal bibliophile. You can find more about her on yourmotivationguru.com.

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Social Media Icons on Mobile Phone
Kanika GautamKanika Gautam

How Social Media Marketing Has Changed in 2021?

Social Media

2021 has both been a challenging and interesting year for digital marketers, especially within the sphere of social media marketing. All estimates had earlier predicted that SMM will grow further as we progress through the 21st century but no one had predicted the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The YOY growth of the number of social media users by end of July 2020 was over 10%. The pandemic caused 3.96 billion people to come active on social media worldwide, spending an average of 2 hours daily. Read on.

Social Media Icons on Mobile Phone
Published on October 24, 2021